Brothers and Sisters,

It is with sadness that I report the news of the untimely passing of one of our Brothers- David Zarkower.

David was born Dec. 29, 1961 in Norwalk, C.T. to Bruno and Harriet Zarkower. David’s work spanned four decades in our business. He started out in 1985 with Madison Square Garden working NBA and NHL games. He was an EVS Operator working for CBS Sports since the mid 1990’s assisting on the NFL, NCAA and the US Open Tennis as well.

David was also self-employed earning a degree from NY Institute of Technology. Many members have already reached out showing support to David’s family. If you or anyone else wish to pay respects to David; the following services are set for tomorrow and through the weekend.

Funeral is Friday – September 28th, 2018.

Yorktown Funeral Home

945 East Main Street
Shrub Oak, NY  10588

9/28: 12:30pm

Shiva is Saturday – September 29th & Sunday – September 30th, 2018

307 Alpine Drive
Cortlandt Manor, NY

9/29: 6:00 – 8:30PM

9/30: 11:00AM – 2:00PM and 4:00PM – 7:00PM

If you would like to share memories of David, please visit:!/TributeWall

David is survived by his wife Lisa, two sons Brenden and Alec, his father Bruno, sister Lori Seuch and brother Johnathon Zarkower.  Rest in peace, my Brother.


Ralph Avigliano

Business Manager

IBEW Local 1212

Dr. Joseph Flaherty

Television Icon of Innovation

On August 7, 2018 the television industry saw the passing of a true technology icon, Dr. Joseph A. Flaherty. Television viewers around the globe are still benefiting from the technology innovations of Joe Flaherty.

Dr. Flaherty received his degree in Physics from Rockhurst College, Kansas, City, Missouri, in 1952. During 1953-1954, he served with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, and in 1955 joined NBC in New York City as a Television Engineer.

In 1957, he joined CBS as a Television Design Engineer. In 1959, he became the Network’s Director of Technical Facilities Planning, and in 1967, he was promoted to General Manager, and subsequently appointed Vice President and General Manager of the Engineering and Development Department, a position he held for 23 years, and then CBS Senior Vice President of Technology.

In the 1970’s, Joe revolutionized the television news industry by changing the process by which news stories were captured. His foresight led to the replacement of 16 mm film to gather news, supplanting it with Electronic News Gathering (ENG), thereby eliminating the painstaking and time-consuming process of exposing the film negative, transporting the film to the station, developing the film and transferring the film to television. The development of ENG enabled TV viewers to experience the world’s events in real-time, rather than watching history unfold, thus eliminating the catch phrase, “film at 11 PM”.

In the early 1980’s, Joe began developing High Definition Television (HDTV). On February 7th, 1981, he demonstrated “Hi-Vision” or HDTV to the Hollywood production community at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer’s (SMPTE) annual technical conference.

First US showing of HDTV at the SMPTE technical conference -1981
Joseph Flaherty, Francis F. Coppola, Joseph Polansky, Takashi Fujio


This led to Joe’s appointment as the Chairman of the Planning Committee for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service, which produced the United States present day Digital High Definition System. His efforts made the United States the first country in the world to convert to a digital HDTV system. Not satisfied with revolutionizing the television system in America, Joe became a Television Technology Ambassador to the world. Joe’s push for a worldwide HDTV program exchange standard at the United Nation’s technical arm, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), led to the rapid deployment of HDTV on a worldwide basis.

Joe also challenged and successfully convinced the Hollywood production community to replace 16 / 35 mm film, used for prime time television production, with HDTV electronic acquisition and postproduction. Today, all prime time television dramas and comedies are electronically captured and edited in HDTV.

Joe was an active author and lecturer, presenting over 188 published papers and lectures during his career. Joe’s technology leadership was not only acknowledged in America, but throughout the world by the presentation of numerous major Broadcasting awards and honors including:

Honorary Member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE’s – highest award), and the SMPTE Progress Medal Award, David Sarnoff Gold Medal.

Four Technical Emmy Awards – the development of Electronic Newsgathering (ENG), development and installation of the first Digital Computer Automation System, Electronic Editing System of Film Capture, Vidifont electronic character generator.

Two Personal Life Time Achievement Emmy Awards – The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences “Lifetime Achievements in Contributions to the Development and Improvement of the Science and Technology of Television”, and the “Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award” from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Hollywood.

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Engineering Award.

NAB’s “Award of Honor” for “Introducing High Definition Television to the World”.

“Giants of Broadcasting” award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine “Hall of Fame” Inductee.

Consumer Electronics Association “Hall of Fame” Inductee.

Two French Legion of Honors – Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur by President Mitterand of the Republic of France and in l989 he was decorated as a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and later promoted to the rank of Officer de l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur by French President Jacques Chirac.

Swiss Montreux Achievement Gold Medal for Electronic News Gathering.

Fellow of the British Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).

Fellow of the Royal Television Society of the United Kingdom.

Fellow of the Chinese Institute of Electronics.

Honorary Member of the German engineering society Fernseh-Kinotechnischen Gesellschaft (FKTG).

Honorary Members of the Institute of Television Engineers of Japan.

International Vladimir Zworykin award for Technical Achievements in the field of Television from the Russian National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters.

Dr. Joseph Flaherty’s lifetime of television innovation is unmatched in the television industry. His efforts have brought real-time global events into our living rooms and through the clarity of HDTV made the viewer feel “as if they were there”. If anyone is to be credited with creating the “Television Global Village”, it’s Joe Flaherty. Thank you Joe, for being a Television Technology Ambassador to the world.

Joe is survived by his wife Jan Flaherty, his sons Patrick, Daniel, Michael, Timothy, daughter Margaret and eight grandchildren.

PGA Championship 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is no secret to anyone who works in broadcasting that the industry is rapidly changing.  Often times these changes come at the expense of our membership, in the form of cutting back days or overtime hours.  It may impact one crew or department at different times, but eventually everyone will feel it.  The corporate culture is often unforgiving as to the real impact their decisions have on the livelihoods of their workers.  We are working to address these concerns with CBS Sports management and let them know our IBEW members’ concerns.

The first step in dealing with management is to always remind them we are all united, in solidarity, as one voice.  To do that, today at the PGA Championship, August 11th, our members are wearing a red shirt to work.  The sight of the entire IBEW workforce in red will send a loud message to management that we are united in our support of each other, and that the cutbacks and reductions will not be accepted quietly.


Ralph Avigliano
Business Manager
Local 1212, IBEW
225 West 34th Street, Suite 1120
New York, NY 10122