Your Union Dues

IBEW Local 1212 Dues Information

IBEW Local 1212 Dues Information Effective 1/1/2020

Dues are payable in advance on a quarterly basis: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.

It is the member’s responsibility to pay dues on time. The union does not send out notices.

The dues rate is the same for all members: 1.45% of base pay plus per capita portion for the International Office in Washington DC. Currently the per capita portion is $60.00 per quarter ($20.00 per month) for all “BA” and “A” members.  Additionally, “A” members contribute $57.00 per quarter ($19.00 per month) to the Pension Benefit Fund. When determining your dues do not forget to add the International office portion.

Freelance Minimum Dues: $120.00 per quarter ($60.00 plus $60.00 per capita) for “BA” members.  $177.00 per quarter ($60.00 + $117.00 per capita and PBF) for “A” members.

Freelance minimum dues are based upon earning up to $1400.00 per month. Earnings over $1400.00 per month are subject to an additional 1.45% charge which the union bills to members. The freelance dues are strictly for those members who work on a per diem basis.

Honorary Withdrawal: If you are not currently working and/or your work is seasonal, you may suspend your membership by requesting a withdrawal card. This must be done in writing so that we have a hard copy for your file. During the time on withdrawal you do not have to pay dues. HOWEVER, a withdrawal card is not a working card. Once you go back to work you should contact the union office to let us know you are working again and begin paying dues.

If you are currently working and on withdrawal you should contact us immediately to reactivate your membership.

Please call the union office with any questions you may have concerning your dues and to advise us of changes in your status at work, your address, etc. We do not get many notices from the companies so we rely on our members to keep our records up to date.